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Here are the old family photos that I have. Please feel free to pass these on to any relative or friend that may be interested. These include most of my shots since I went digital in April 2003. I've divided these up into general shots and specific trips that we made to the Seattle area. It also includes all 19 boxes of slides that my parents had. These are in the third section below.

Most of these are from before I met Jenny. So, I should at least include our wedding invitation here.

Various Family Photos

General Photos Seattle Visits

Scans from Vint Sr. Slides

There are general shots from home and wherever we may have ended up. Photos from our various trips up to see relatives in the Seattle area. Scans of all of the slides that Vint Sr. took from 1944 through 1981.

Patrick's Baseball Photos

2004 - Indians 2005 - Rangers 2006 - Orioles 2007 - White Sox 2008 - Athletics


I've done all sorts of genealogical research and can trace my lineage back pretty far along several different lines. An overview of my family's genealogy can be found here.

I was able to export all of this information out of the database and into my own web page that shows all of the people in my database. The link to that is here. This program is a little hard to figure out how to use. If you want to see all of my ancestors you can just use this link.

Note that there's a spurious link in here from Anthony Bacon (b. Derbyshire 1657) to other early Bacons in the London area. I followed a link someone else had made in their database. Upon further investigation, I realized their link was spurious. I decided to leave it in there since it is interesting. It shows links all the way back to Francis Bacon and to some of the original Bacons that migrated from France in the period of William the Conqueror's Norman conquest of England in 1066.

Please feel free to ask any questions or request prints of any photo. I typically get very few requests to do this so I'll probably be able to honor your request.

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