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Here are the photos that I've taken through 04/23/05. ENJOY!!

I've grouped these by game and by team. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to sort the photos by individual. I will prepare something similar to what I did last year at the end of the season but only for the Rangers.

Rangers Opening Day Parade

Rangers 04/01   Athletics 04/01

Rangers 04/07   Orioles 04/07

Rangers 04/09   White Sox 04/09

Rangers 04/12   Indians 04/12

Rangers 04/16   Athletics 04/16

Rangers 04/21   Orioles 04/21

Rangers 04/23   Yankees 04/23

How does one print photos?

There are a few ways to do this. First, you can just save the medium resolution images from the website and print them yourself. Secondly, you can use Each individual index page has a link to an Ofoto 'album'. Finally, you can ask me for the uncropped, high-resolution digital photo. See the Technical Notes at the bottom for more details.

How much does it cost to order prints? charges reasonable rates for prints (4 x 6 = $0.25, 5 x 7 = $1.00, 8 x 10 = $4.00, and a nominal fee for shipping). I do photography as a hobby and am not trying to make any money preparing these photos. However, I would be thrilled if this could be used as some sort of fundraising opportunity for the league. If you're happy with what I've done and would like to show your appreciation, please send a donation to the league on my behalf. You can send donations to:

Centerville American Little League
Brad Kibbee (President)
P.O. Box 0403
Fremont, California 94537

The league has also provided a way to donate online -


Technical Notes